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IMAU researchers successful in Netherlands Polar Program

/ March 9, 2015/ Ice and Climate, IMAU

Three out of seven funded research proposals in the latest call of the Netherlands Polar Programme (NPP) were awarded to IMAU researchers Carleen Reijmer and Michiel van den Broeke. The research in these projects addresses the viability of ice shelves in the Antarctic Peninsula, hydrology of Antarctic firn and extreme melt events on the Greenland ice sheet. This NPP call

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VENI grant and InBev-Baillet Latour prize for IMAU researcher

/ November 25, 2014/ Ice and Climate, IMAU

On 16 July, Jan Lenaerts, postdoctoral researcher in the Ice and Climate group of IMAU, got the exciting message that his VENI proposal was awarded. Only two months later, during an official ceremony in Brussels, it was announced that Jan also was awarded the InBev-Baillet Latour Antarctica Fellowship, an award of 150,000 euro for young talented scientists to participate in

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IMAU Greenland K-transect fieldwork, September 2014

/ November 25, 2014/ Ice and Climate, IMAU

Almost 25 years ago the IMAU organized two summer expeditions to west Greenland: the Greenland Ice Margin EXperiment (GIMEX-90 and GIMEX-91). Ever since, IMAU personnel visits the so-called K-transect at the end of August when the melt season ends. The K-transect consists of eight locations and runs from S4 near the ice margin (bare and very rough ice) to S10

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Promotie: IJsverlies van Antarctische ijskap sinds laatste ijstijd

/ November 4, 2014/ Ice and Climate, IMAU

Malou Maris onderzocht het ijsverlies van de Antarctische ijskap sinds de laatste ijstijd, ongeveer 21.000 jaar geleden. Daarbij probeerde zij onderscheid te maken tussen de natuurlijke processen die al sinds de ijstijd plaatsvinden en de opwarming van de aarde, die samenhangt met de menselijke activiteiten van de afgelopen eeuwen. Het ijsverlies van de Antarctische ijskap heeft volgens Maris’ onderzoek sinds

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Louis Agassiz Medal for Prof. Michiel van den Broeke

/ October 16, 2014/ Ice and Climate, IMAU

The European Geosciences Union has honoured Prof. Michiel van den Broeke from the Department of Physics and Astronomy’s Institute for Marine and Atmospheric research Utrecht (IMAU) with the Louis Agassiz Medal. He received the award for his exceptional scientific contribution to research into the cryosphere, the region where water occurs in the form of snow, permafrost, pack ice or glaciers.

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The InBev-Baillet Latour Antarctica Fellowship Award Granted to Researcher Jan Lenaerts

/ September 22, 2014/ Ice and Climate, IMAU

Press release International Polar Foundation Brussels, Belgium, September 17th, 2014 – A young Belgian researcher, Jan Lenaerts was this afternoon presented with the prestigious €150,000 InBev-Baillet Latour Antarctica Fellowship, by Jean-Jacques Derwael, a renowned geodetic surveyor, for his proposal to investigate how much snow melts currently on the ice shelves in East Antarctica, by how much that melt will increase

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Prestigieuze InBev-Baillet Latour Antarctica Fellowship Award voor Utrechtse poolonderzoeker Jan Lenaerts

/ September 18, 2014/ Ice and Climate, IMAU

Poolonderzoeker dr. Jan Lenaerts van de Universiteit Utrecht heeft gisteren in Brussel de prestigieuze InBev-Baillet Latour Antarctica Fellowship van €150.000 ontvangen. Hij krijgt de beurs voor zijn voorstel om de smelt op de ijsplaten in Oost-Antarctica en de impact daarvan op hun instabiliteit en het mondiale zeeniveau te onderzoeken. Aan Lenaerts is in juli ook een Veni-subsidie van NWO toegekend.

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Five Veni grants for young Utrecht scientists

/ September 4, 2014/ Ice and Climate, IMAU

Five promising researchers of the Faculty of Science were awarded a Veni grant by NWO. The young scientists will each receive a grant of 250,000 euros with which they can realise their research plan in the next three years. NWO wants to stimulate curiosity-driven and innovative research. Veni researchers obtained their doctorate degree in the past three years and are

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21 jonge Utrechtse onderzoekstalenten krijgen Veni-subsidie

/ August 1, 2014/ Ice and Climate, IMAU

Veni Awards 2014 Eenentwintig recent gepromoveerde wetenschappers van de Universiteit Utrecht en UMC Utrecht hebben van NWO een Veni-subsidie gekregen. De jonge onderzoekers krijgen ieder maximaal 250.000 euro waarmee ze gedurende drie jaar een eigen onderzoek kunnen uitvoeren. In totaal kende NWO 152 beurzen toe aan Nederlandse onderzoekers. Zij krijgen het geld vanwege hun talent voor het doen van vernieuwend

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Have glaciers in West Antarctica started their irreversible retreat?

/ June 26, 2014/ Ice and Climate, IMAU

Last month, research groups from the Universities of California (Irvine) and Washington separately reported that some retreating glaciers in West Antarctica seem to have entered a runaway regime. In total, these glaciers and their drainage basins contain enough ice to cause an average global sea level rise of 1.2 m. Both papers were released at the same day. In the

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