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Do we understand the model outcomes?

/ March 23, 2015/ Atmospheric Dynamics, IMAU

At IMAU and at KNMI climate models, such as the Community Earth System Model, “CESM”  and “EC-Earth” are used to study past climates, or to make projections of future climate. These very complex and valuable models, which include widely different physical, chemical and biological processes, such as hydrodynamics, biochemical cycles, interactive vegetation and ice sheets, are able to reproduce the

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Taking advantage of the Trade Winds on a 5000 km sailing trip

/ June 26, 2014/ Atmospheric Dynamics, IMAU

While a huge oceanic equatorial Kelvin wave was slowly propagating eastward from Indonesia to South America, Bert Boerema and Marion Ermers were meticulously preparing the biggest stage until now in their world wide sailing trip. Over a period of more than 10 years this sailing trip had brought them from their point of departure in the Netherlands to the beautiful

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Winter of extremes in the North Atlantic region

/ February 11, 2014/ Atmospheric Dynamics, IMAU

By Aarnout van Delden, IMAU, Utrecht University This winter blizzards and extremely low temperatures affected Eastern Canada and the United States, while temperatures were relatively high on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. The coasts of Western Europe, from Portugal to Scotland, were repeatedly battered by huge waves, whipped up by hurricane force winds. These winds were associated with

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Record high pressure over the North Pole in March 2013 extends the winter in Europe

/ June 13, 2013/ Atmospheric Dynamics, IMAU

Large parts of Europe experienced extreme weather conditions in March 2013. Northern Europe was relatively dry and very cold, while many parts of Southern Europe were very wet. Halfway March, a region over Central Europe extending from England over Northern France and further eastward was covered by a heavy blanket of snow. Reasons for these weather extremes can be traced

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